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Yeti Snow Crew Tracker Mobile App

Making your crew even more efficient! YETI helps assign your crew and routes.

YETI helps you plan the best and most efficient routes for your crew! After initial set up, YETI will know which equipment is needed -- it'll even help you plan when the equipment needs to return to home base to get more salt or sand.

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Track your crew , your equipment, and your inventory.

That's right! After initial set up, YETI helps you track your crew's progress on jobs. YETI also helps you plan how and when to use certain equipment. Another great perk is how YETI can help you know when to order more inventory. No more running out of salt or over buying product.

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Manage risk and insurance cost

Slip fall claims are an unfortunate reality in our business. Ensuring you have the evidence to back up your service is critical to reducing your exposure. Data from your crews is backed up daily on secure servers so you can demonstrate to your insurance company that you have met your obligations and are running a professional operation.

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