The ONLY app designed specifically for running a snow removal company.

Track Crew. Track Equipment.
Streamline Operations.

What can YETI do for you?

Short answer

It helps in the day-to-day logistics and operations of a snow removal company — no matter the size!

Long answer

Check out the Benefits and Features

Have YETI join your team to enjoy these perks!

Reduce risk
and liability

Reduce Snow Removal Company Liability

YETI securely archives data so that you can retrieve job info from previous seasons!


Track Snow Removal Equipment Through Yeti App

Track everything from crew times and locations, site maps and equipment. You'll always know what's going on!


Improve Snow Removal Company Quality Control

Keep up-to-date with where and what the crew is doing and view completed photos from sites in real-time.

"YETI has proven on a daily basis to be extremely user
friendly, efficient and a huge time saver!"

"And because YETI works in combination with our Cloud Accounting software, we have the ability to access real-time, up-to-date, daily reporting at the push of a button, which is essential for timely and accurate billing." ~ Kelly, British Columbia

How does it work?

YETI works just like any other APP out there. The APP provides a friendly way for you to access the powerful YETI backend.

  1. You download and install the APP
  2. You log into your APP
  3. You start tracking your projects

Just like that all your info is kept at your fingertips and it goes with you, wherever you are! Even if you don't have your device on hand you can access YETI using the website version.

Snow Crew Tracker App